Connecting the headset to your computer

  1. Connect the USB 3.0 cable, DisplayPort™ cable, and power adapter cable on their corresponding slots on the link box.
  2. Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.
  3. Insert the opposite end of the USB 3.0 cable on your computer's USB port.
  4. Insert the DisplayPort cable end to the DisplayPort port on your computer's graphics card where the monitor is also connected. Do not connect the DisplayPort cable to ports on the motherboard.
  5. Insert the headset cable connector (side with triangle mark up) to the port on the link box with the corresponding triangle mark.
  6. Press the Power button to turn the link box on.
  7. To secure the link box in a permanent position, peel the covers from the mounting pad and firmly press one side of the adhesive surface on the bottom part of the link box, and then attach the link box on the area where you want it installed.
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