About the VIVE Pro HMD

The headset is your window to the VR environment.

The headset has sensors that are tracked by the base stations.

Important: The sensors on the headset are sensitive. Do not cover or scratch the sensor lenses, including the proximity sensor.

Front and side

1 Headset strap
2 Tracking sensor
3 Camera lens
4 Earphone
5 Headset button
6 Status light
7 Lens distance button


1 Headset cable clip
2 Headset cable
3 Volume button
4 Adjustment dial
5 Head pad
6 Mic mute button

Bottom and inner

1 Nose rest
2 Lens distance button
3 Mic
4 Interpupillary distance (IPD) knob
5 Face cushion
6 Proximity sensor
7 Lenses
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