How do I prepare the headset if I'm returning it for repair?

Before sending in the headset for repair, remove the following accessories and store them for safekeeping:
1 Face cushion
2 Compartment cover
3 Standard strap with buckles
4 3-in-1 cable
5 Audio cable

Follow these steps to properly detach the accessories from the headset:

  • Remove the compartment cover and unplug the 3-in-1 cable and audio cable from the headset.

    Push open the compartment cover to access the connector slots.

    Carefully pull the tab until the HDMI cable is unplugged, and then unplug the power cable and USB cable as well as the audio cable.

  • Remove the face cushion. Peel off starting from both ends of the face cushion until it detaches from the headset.
  • Remove the standard strap and its buckle from the headset. To detach the buckle, rotate the buckle clockwise. You'll hear a click when the buckle is released.
After removing the accessories, the headset you'll send for return should look like the following:
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