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Bring real-world objects into your virtual world! Add VIVE Tracker to specially designed accessories to play your favorite supported games.

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We've got nostalgic shooters, racket sports and full-body tracking. Browse these selected peripherals that are compatible with VIVE Tracker - some even include a free VR game.

Hyper Blaster Set

with VIVE Tracker

Hyper Blaster Set

Racket Sports Set

with VIVE Tracker

Racket Sports Set
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Racket Sports Set


Tracker Not Included

Racket Sports Set without VIVE Tracker

Racket Sports Set +
VIVE VR System + VIVE Tracker


Racket Sports Set with VIVE VR System and VIVE Tracker

Rebuff Reality Trackstrap

Tracker Not Included

VIVE Tracker

For full-body tracking experiences, you'll want to add a second Tracker.

VIVE Tracker Add-on

Available & Upcoming Games

These titles already support VIVE Tracker. With more to be released soon, this is just the start of VIVE's VR peripheral ecosystem.

VIVE Tracker-Compatible Games VIVE Tracker-Compatible Games

Develop for Tracker

VIVE Tracker instantly expands the creative toolbox for VR developers. Talk with fellow devs, get answers to frequently asked questions and read up on the guidelines for implementation. Start building unique, never-seen-before tools today.

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  • Tracking: Support for SteamVR BS1.0 and BS2.0
  • Status indicator: LED
  • Input: Pogo pin
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Attachment: 1/4-inch UNC threaded mount (standard tripod mount)

In the Box

  • VIVE Tracker 2018
  • Micro-USB cable
  • USB dongle
  • Dongle cradle