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VIVE Wireless Adapter

Untethered virtual reality is here.
Wireless Adapter Full Pack

For Pro Series / Cosmos Series
*Includes 1-month Viveport Infinity membership.

**Requires available PCIe slot.
**VIVE Wireless Adapter supports up to 3264 x 1632 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate when used with VIVE Pro 2.
***Wireless Adapter for VIVE Cosmos Series & VIVE Pro 2 only work with the 21-Watt battery included in the kit

Let nothing hold you back.

Introducing the official wireless VR adapter for VIVE Pro Series, and VIVE Cosmos Series. Move without hindrance. Broaden your virtual horizons. Make multiuser virtual reality an actuality.

Freedom, uninterrupted.

The VIVE Wireless Adapter, powered by Intel® WiGig, offers a near-zero latency VR experience that's fast, responsive and offers maximum performance. Build worlds, tear them down, venture into the unknown—all without skipping a beat. Plus, it's so lightweight, you'll barely notice it's there.

Unlock the full potential of VIVE.

Easy to setup, the VIVE Wireless Adapter helps you get the most out of SteamVR's room-scale tracking technology. Coupled with a powerful, easy-swap battery, you can explore the full virtual range of your VIVE Pro Series, and VIVE Cosmos Series for up to 2.5 hours.

More players? No problem.

Remove cables from the equation with the VIVE Wireless Adapter. More easily get friends, family, and the uninitiated in your play space. Break free of always being a one-person team.

1. Wireless Adapter can support both VIVE Base Station and SteamVR Base Station 2.0.
2. Use up to 3 VIVE Wireless Adapters in a single-room-scale environment. Region dependent.
3. Spare PCIe 1x slot required.

The arcade you've always craved.

Want to create an incredible gaming space at home? Or simply bring your arcade to the next level? The VIVE Wireless Adapter removes roadblocks and creates space for an immersive, cutting-edge gaming experience no one will soon forget.

Creative & Intricate Setups
Greater Space Flexibility
More Immersive VR
Multiplayer Experiences

VIVE Wireless Adapter Full Pack

For Pro Series / Cosmos Series
VIVE VR Headsets with Wireless Adaptor.
Wireless adapter
Wireless link box
Wireless link box clip
PCIe WiGig® card
Short headset cable
Power bank
Power bank holder
Power cable
Power bank charging cable
Thin velcro pad
(for VIVE Cosmos Series)
Head pad
(for VIVE Cosmos Series)
Head pad
(for VIVE Pro Series)

VIVE Wireless Adapter specs

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Commercial Product Name: VIVE Wireless Adapter
Dimensions: 7.87 x 3.81 x 1.59 inches (200 x 96.65 x 40.43 mm)
Weight: 4.55 ounces (129 grams)
Battery Life: Up to 2.5 hours with optimal hardware installation, power bank quality and wireless signal strength.
*All battery claim results will vary. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use.
Connection Type(s): For VIVE Pro Series, VIVE Cosmos Series: Respective single port
For Battery: USB

Minimum requirements

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Computer Type: Desktop computer with available PCIe Slot
Processor: Intel® Core i5-4590/AMD FX™ 8350 equivalent or better
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060, AMD Radeon™ RX 480 equivalent or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
Operating system:
  • For VIVE Pro 2 and VIVE Cosmos Series: Windows® 11 / 64-bit Windows® 10
  • For VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro Eye: Windows® 11 / 64-bit windows® 10 / Windows® 7 SP1

Recently, compatibility issues have arisen when using AMD AM4/TR4 socket base motherboards with the VIVE Wireless Adapter. We are working closely with our partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you have an AMD AM4/TR4 socket base motherboard, we recommend waiting on VIVE Wireless Adapter purchase until the compatibility issue is solved. Please keep an eye on the VIVE website product page for further updates.

* Sales tax not included in MSRP