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Go with the Flow
The immersive VR glasses for on-the-go wellness.
Get 2 months of Viveport Infinity and 7 VR titles included with your purchase of VIVE Flow.*
**Guaranteed best price for 2021.
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Best Wearable Tech - The 2021 Esquire Gadget Awards
The immersive VR glasses made for wellness and mindful productivity. Compact and lightweight, the VIVE Flow goes where you go.
Woman wearing VIVE Flow meditating in VR on bed.
Serenity happens when our senses are free to explore. See, feel and play to your heart’s delight.
VIVE Flow, power adapter, and wirelessly paired phone.
Easy phone pairing.
Calmness is just a few simple steps away. Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and enter your happy place in virtual reality.
*VIVE Flow also requires a separate power source.
Stay focused.
Adjustable diopter lenses offer personalized focusing power - so you can find your viewing sweet spot.
Pure comfort.
Easy to put on and take off. The proprietary dual-hinge fit design ensures both comfort and stability for different head shapes and sizes.
Man wearing VIVE Flow VR glasses with phone in hand. Café in VR with laptop, phone, and books on table.
Mindful efficiency. VIVE Flow and VIVE Sync transform any environment into a Lo-Fi distraction-free VR workspace.
Phone as VR controller.
Navigate and manipulate with the same intuitive gestures as you would with conventional VR devices.
VIVE Flow VR glasses, VIVE Flow Case, and travel bag.
Go anywhere with the lightweight, compact, and foldable VIVE Flow, the prototypical VR for on-the-go immersion.
VIVE Flow in sleek folded form and Vive Flow Case.
Sleek and lightweight.
At just 189g, total immersion won't weigh you down.
Dancing woman wearing VIVE Flow with phone in hand. Performers on stage at a concert in VR.
Rock out at VR concerts. Feel alive in an audio-visual joyride in the comfort of your home.
VR concert with colorful lights and cheering crowds.
Everything in vibrant clarity.
The VIVE Flow supports peerless graphics with a wide field of view up to 100° , sharp 3.2K resolution, and fluid 75Hz refresh rate.
Just you, your thoughts, and incredible sound.
Built-in speakers pump out crisp, immersive spatial audio straight out of the box. Noise- and echo-canceling mics let you communicate clearly and uninterrupted.
Woman wearing VIVE Flow browsing VR entertainment. User pointing at apps on mirrored phone screen in VR.
"Me" time has never felt this good. Discover new ways to relax and recharge in virtual reality.
See your phone in action.
Cast phone apps onto a private large screen in VR. Stay synchronized with the outside world.
*Content compatibility required.
Stay cool.
Active cooling system vents heat out of the eye chamber for comfort that's as effortless as wearing a well-crafted eyepiece.
Daytime view of the ocean from a beach in virtual reality.
Wind down with ASMR sceneries and sounds. Sink into a soothing sensation in VR, and let go of all your troubles.
Less strain.
Bedtime? No problem. Activate the blue light filter.
VIVE Flow immersive VR glasses and VIVE Flow Case.
Go with the Flow
The immersive VR glasses for on-the-go wellness.
Get 2 months of Viveport Infinity and 7 VR titles included with your purchase of VIVE Flow.*
**Guaranteed best price for 2021.
VIVE Flow immersive VR glasses and phone.
Phone compatibility check
Check if your Android phone is compatible with VIVE Flow.
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Simple setup.
VIVE account sign-in screen on phone.
VIVE phone app searching for VIVE Flow. VIVE phone app searching for Wi-Fi networks. VIVE account sign-in screen on phone.
1. Sign in
Sign in to the VIVE app on your phone with a new or existing account.
2. Pair your devices together
Pair the VIVE Flow with a compatible phone.
3. Connect to Wi-Fi
Connect to an available Wi-Fi network to begin your VR experience.

*Complete setup of your VIVE Flow in the VIVE app to access the 7 VR titles and receive the 2-month Viveport Infinity subscription via email. Limited time offer. Subject to change.

**VIVE Business Warranty & Services (BWS) is intended for commercial customers only. Any activation by an individual for personal consumer use may be cancelled or subject to revocation at HTC’s discretion. BWS may only be utilized by the original purchaser or acquirer and may not be resold, distributed, or otherwise transferred. Registration required to activate your BWS products. By activating BWS products, you agree to be subject to the Terms and Conditions .