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Compelling Experience

Painting your dreams into reality – an immersive and interactive world built by inside-out 6DOF tracking we call “world-scale”, and high-resolution 3K AMOLED screen, rendering smooth close-ups, long shots, and intuitive spinning and jumping.

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Design for Comfort

Entering the world of VR is as easy as putting on the ergonomically designed headset with built-in water-repellent padding and instant-on.

Unsurpassed Convenience

Save the hassle of connecting to your phone or computer, simply put on VIVE Focus and enter the world where you are free to wander.

Rich Content Library

Explore a world built by dreamers in VIVEPORT, a rich library of VR content that extends your endless imagination and freedom.

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Live on the Edge

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Virtual Network
Real time response to smartphone

Take calls on your HTC U12+, receive text messages and app notifications, without taking off your VIVE Focus.

Cast on an Immersive Display

Enjoy millions of mobile apps, games, and videos on an immersive display by projecting screen from HTC U12+ to VIVE Focus.

*Coming Soon

Social and Innovative Gaming, Coming Soon

Pair up your HTC U12+ with VIVE Focus as an additional gaming accessory, and interact in a hybrid reality. Supporting 2 players on cross-platform play lets you share the experience with a friend.

*Coming Soon

VIVE Focus Specs

VIVE Focus headset

Tracking technology&sensors: World-Scale tracking(inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom),9-axis sensors, proximity sensor
Display: 3K AMOLED, resolution 2880 x 1600
Refresh rate: 75 Hz
FOV: 110 degrees
Adjustable IPD: Supported
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 835
Storage: MicroSD™ slot,up to 2TB MicroSD™ external memory
For data and device charging: USB Type-C
Audio input/output: Built-in microphones, built-in speakers, 3.5mm stereo audio jack
Wireless: Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, support to transmit contents to Miracast™ compatible devices
Power and battery: Built-in rechargeable battery, QC3.0 fast charging, up to 3 hours* of active use time, over one week* standby time

VIVE Focus controller

Sensors: 9-axis sensors
Buttons: Touch pad, app button, home button, volume +/- button, trigger
Power and battery: Two AAA batteries, up to 30 hours* of active use time

*Battery life claims depend on many factors and actual result will vary. It's subject to content and device usage.

VIVE Focus Includes

VIVE Focus headset x 1
Controller x 1
Wrist strap x 1
AAA battery x 2
HTC rapid charger 3.0 x 1
USB Type-C cable x 1
Quick start guide x 1
Safety guide x 1
Warranty card x 1

Update History

System update 3.0

ROM version: 1.47.1405.1
This update contains important improvements, including:
- Optimize the controller to prevent drifting and fix firmware update failure
- Add Theater mode which allows you to project content to VIVE Focus from devices that support Miracast
- Add QQ Instant Messenger as a supported app for phone notifications
- In Passenger mode, add an alert when the virtual wall is disabled
- Allow users to go through the tutorial again from settings
- Add Kiosk mode to pin a single app or limit which apps can be launched from the screen.
- VIVE video improvements:
- Add subtitle support for 180- and 360-degree videos
- Use the selected display mode (180 or 360) to play back video
- Group videos into different folders
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    Electric Blue ¥4,299 | Almond White ¥3,999

    *Buy Electric Blue/Almond White get 6/4 free VR titles