What things should I consider when installing more than two SteamVR Base Stations 2.0?

You can use up to four base stations in a single room covering 10 m x 10 m (32 ft 10 in x 32 ft 10 in).
  • Each base station in the same play area will need to be set to a different channel. This will be handled by the SteamVR software automatically.
  • Each base station has a 150-degree horizontal field of view. Rotate the angle of the base stations left or right to fine tune and fully cover the play area.

    Single user setup

    Multi-user setup

  • For proper tracking, make sure that the distance between any base station and the headset and controllers are within a range of 7 m (23 ft). Make sure that there are no physical barriers (such as protruding shelves) where you place the base stations, so that it can fully cover its field of view and its signals won't be obstructed.
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