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VIVE Cosmos Controller
VIVE Cosmos Controller
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Introducing VIVE Cosmos, a new premium PC VR system and a vision of the virtual future. It conforms to your wants and your needs with surprising ease and versatility. Whether you are new to VR or familiar, a fantastic voyage awaits. VIVE Cosmos goes beyond everything you could want in one device.

VR without boundaries.

Prepare yourself for striking graphics, lifelike sound, and an immersive experience. Bring it home or to the office. Play it at a friend’s. It’s all made possible with the new VIVE tracking system.

Crystal-clear graphics.

Introducing our sharpest screens yet. The all new pixel-packed displays with minimal screen-door effect delivers crystal-clear graphics bringing every detail in VR alive.

Real RGB displays.
Minimal screen-door effect.

The all-new
VIVE tracking system.

With wide and accurate tracking, gesture controls, and a six-degrees-of- freedom (6DoF) headset-and-controller setup, VIVE Cosmos promises a deeply engaging VR experience right out of the box.

VIVE Cosmos Headset

Easy hassle-free setup.

The all-new VIVE tracking system offers an out-of-box experience that makes getting into VR faster and easier than ever before.

Leading the way in headset design.

Every inch of VIVE Cosmos was considered for comfort and convenience; from the first time you put it on, you’ll feel it was built just for you. Enjoy easy on-and-off and extended stays in the virtual world.

player using VIVE Cosmos Headset
VIVE Cosmos Headset

Flip-up design.

Is the real world calling? No problem. With VIVE Cosmos’ innovative flipup design, you can jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds— all without disrupting your immersive journey.

A royal fit.

With a soft texture and light, breathable materials, the feel of VIVE Cosmos’ crown is something everyone can get behind.

VIVE Cosmos Headset

All new breathable material. Easy-to-dry.

Fresh controls.

Behold the all-new VIVE controllers. Gamer-friendly. Versatile. Practical. Just what you need to take control of the Cosmos.

VIVE Cosmos Controller VIVE Cosmos Controller
VIVE Cosmos Controller VIVE Cosmos Controller

Future-proof your VR experience with modular customization.

The virtual universe is always expanding; VIVE Cosmos was designed to expand with it. With an ever-increasing suite of mods on the horizon, the possibilities for VR are endless.

Download once. Play anytime.

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