Browsing for VR content in VIVEPORT

Important: You need to download VIVE software from After installing, you can access the VIVEPORT desktop app on your computer.
  1. Open VIVEPORT. For details, see Accessing VIVEPORT.
  2. Scroll through the featured content or search for a title.
  3. After selecting a title, you can:
    • Add the title to your bookmarks by selecting . You can buy or review it for later from your VIVEPORT's Bookmark tab. For details see, Bookmarking VR content in VIVEPORT.
    • Launch the VR Preview of the title. When available, select VR Preview either in VR or on your computer's VIVEPORT app to launch a 360-degree sneak peek of the title in VR.
    • Download the title. For details see, Downloading and purchasing content from VIVEPORT.
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