Attaching the wireless adapter to VIVE

  1. Remove the 3-in-1 cable that's attached to your VIVE headset.

    First, push open the compartment cover to access the connection ports on your headset. Carefully pull the tab until the HDMI cable is unplugged. Then, unplug the power cable and USB cable.

  2. Find the cradle that's attached to the base of the wireless adapter. Unfasten the horizontal velcro strap and you'll see a cradle that has a clip and ridges.
  3. To attach the wireless adapter to your headset, do one of the following:

    VIVE: Insert the cradle's clip into the sleeve that shows the VIVE logo on the headset strap.

    VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap: Align the cradle's ridges with the corners of the top band's hard shell. Press down firmly to attach the wireless adapter in place.

  4. To secure the wireless adapter in place, wrap the vertical strap around the headset strap first. Next, wrap the horizontal strap and fasten it.
  5. Insert the L-shaped connectors of the 3-in-1 short cable to the headset compartment.

    Insert the L-shaped HDMI, USB, and power connectors through the headset strap hole followed by the compartment cover hole.

  6. Insert the other end of the 3-in-1 short cable to their respective ports on the wireless adapter.
  7. Close the headset compartment.

    Align the ridges on the cover with the tabs on the compartment. After the ridges are aligned, push the cover until it snaps in place.

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