Sometimes the wireless signal seems weak or the headset display gets disrupted. What should I do?

For the best experience while using VIVE Wireless Adapter with your headset, try the following:
  • Use an enclosed space as the WiGig® signal will bounce off walls rather than penetrate through them.
  • Make sure the wireless link box connected to your PC is facing towards your play area.
  • Avoid having other people within your play area. They may block the wireless data transmission to your headset.
  • When you're in a multiuser VR environment, try moving the wireless link box that's connected to your PC higher, such as by mounting it to a tall tripod. This can ensure there will be no other users or objects blocking the wireless data transmission to your headset.
  • While playing VR content, do not touch the connectors on the VIVE Wireless Adapter. Touching them while the wireless adapter is in operation may shortly disrupt the headset display. The headset display may turn black for 20 to 25 seconds before returning to normal.
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