Setting up VIVE Wireless Adapter

Here's what you need to do to set up VIVE Wireless Adapter for your headset.
  1. Install the PCIe card to your computer. Connect the wireless link box to the card. See Installing the PCIe WiGig card and Connecting the wireless link box to your computer.
  2. Attach VIVE Wireless Adapter to the headset. Depending on your VIVE headset, refer to the instructions in these topics:

    Attaching the wireless adapter to VIVE

    Attaching the wireless adapter to VIVE Pro

  3. Download and install the VIVE Wireless app on your computer. Use it to pair the wireless adapter with the wireless link box. For details, see Installing the VIVE Wireless app and Connecting your headset with your computer wirelessly.
  4. Connect the power bank to the wireless adapter. Put it in your waist belt or pocket. See Connecting the power bank to VIVE Wireless Adapter.
  5. Open the VIVE Wireless app. Make sure your headset's wireless connection shows the "‍Ready"‍ status before you open the SteamVR app.

    Use the SteamVR app to check that your base stations, controllers, and additional VR hardware are ready for use. For details, see the VIVE and VIVE Pro support pages.

    Important: Make sure you have SteamVR app version 1533664367 or later installed on your computer.
  6. Open the VR app you want to use. When you're ready to play VR content, put on your headset with the attached wireless adapter.
Warning: The wireless adapter vents may become hot during normal operation. Do not touch until cool.
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