Connecting your headset with your computer wirelessly

After installing the VIVE Wireless app on your computer, use it to pair VIVE Wireless Adapter with the wireless link box. This allows your headset to wirelessly connect with your computer.
  1. Connect the power bank and turn it on. See Connecting the power bank to VIVE Wireless Adapter.

    You'll see a slow blinking green light on the wireless adapter LED.

  2. On your computer, double-click the VIVE Wireless icon.
  3. When you see the "‍Waiting to pair"‍ message on the screen and a fast blinking green light on the wireless adapter LED, press the Pair button on your wireless adapter.
When pairing is successful, the green light on the wireless adapter LED will stop blinking. The default name for your headset will be displayed on the VIVE Wireless app with a "‍Ready"‍ status.
Tip: You can change the headset name in Settings. See Changing VIVE Wireless settings.
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