Inside the box

The package comes with the VIVE Wireless Adapter for VIVE™ and accessories. If you have the VIVE Pro headset, you need to purchase an additional package: Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit.

VIVE Wireless Adapter package (for VIVE)

In-box items
  1. Wireless adapter (with cradle for VIVE)
  2. 3-in-1 short cable for VIVE
  3. PCIe WiGig card
  4. Wireless link box
  5. Wireless link box clip
  6. HTC QC 3.0 Power Bank
  7. Power bank holder
  8. Power bank connection cable
  9. Power bank charging cable

You can also find documentation in the box, such as the Safety and regulatory guide and warranty card.

Wireless Adapter Attachment Kit (for VIVE Pro)

In-box items
  1. Cradle for VIVE Pro
  2. Headset short cable for VIVE Pro
  3. Head pad cushion for VIVE Pro
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