Why am I not receiving phone notifications in my headset?

Phone notifications such as calls, text messages, and calendar events from your phone need to be transmitted through Bluetooth® to your computer via the wired link box before you can see them on your headset display.

Connect the original link box that came with your headset back to your computer. You just need to connect it to your computer's USB port and plug in its power adapter. If you're using VIVE Pro, you will also need to power on its link box. You should then be able to see phone notifications on your headset display.

Note: Make sure not to connect the DisplayPort cable to the link box of VIVE Pro. The PCIe WiGig card and wireless link box handle the video signal, and if you plug in the DisplayPort cable as well, your computer might get confused. When the cable is connected, the headset may not show anything on its display.
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