Connecting the power bank to VIVE Wireless Adapter

Important: Use the power bank included in the box. If you want to purchase an extra unit, make sure to use only an HTC power bank with VIVE Wireless Adapter.
  1. With the POWER button, LED, and USB port facing up, insert the power bank into its dedicated holder.

    Push the tab on the holder inward to lock the power bank in place so it won't fall out of the holder.

  2. Connect one end of the power bank connection cable into the USB power port on the wireless adapter.
  3. Connect the other end of the cable into the USB port on the power bank.

When ready, put the power bank in your waist belt or pocket. Then, put on your headset with the attached wireless adapter.

If the power bank connection cable length is too short or too long, unplug the cable from the power bank and adjust accordingly. Then, plug the cable back to the power bank.

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