VIVE Experiences

VIVE is a virtual reality brand building hardware, software and creative platforms to unleash imaginations from the limits of our world. Sub-millimeter-precise tracking technology from SteamVR. High-fidelity hardware and an ecosystem of innovation from VIVE. Together, they make a superlative experience unlike any other. Jump into the future of art, storytelling, gaming, enterprise and entertainment.

VIVE Studios

VIVE Studios is our development and publishing initiative committed to bringing the best virtual reality experiences to the community. VIVE Studios works closely with top content creators in VR to turn their creative concepts into reality. Interest in VR spans many different categories and VIVE Studios continues to push the boundaries across games, entertainment, education, healthcare and so much more.

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VIVE Arts is a global VR program set to advance creation and appreciation of the arts. The mission is to enable and preserve cultural heritage for the world, and to democratize creation with digital innovation in the arts. In doing so, VIVE Arts addresses a diverse, global audience and contributes to the knowledge and enjoyment of our cultural heritage, both in museums and in the home.

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Learning about ancient civilizations in the classroom, studying anatomy in college, mastering new skills for career advancement – VR in education has limitless potential for students, educators and employees alike.  With VIVE in schools, libraries and training centers, the experience is not just a field trip to some faraway destination, but rather a journey where lifelong learners can explore, develop and grow in meaningful ways they could never imagine before.


VIVE created the VR Arcade turnkey solution for operators to easily entertain consumers in any out-of-home location. The end-to-end offering provides access to a vast library of VR experiences and a system for operations management and reporting. The management platform and content catalog for location-based VR entertainment available worldwide.

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