Downloading and purchasing content from Viveport

Important: You need to download Vive software from After installing, you can access the Vive desktop app on your computer.
  1. Open Viveport. For details, see Accessing Viveport.
  2. Select the title that you want to download.
  3. Review the description, including the category, rating, and user reviews. You can also play the video or view the images to get a preview.
    Important: Make sure that you have a compatible play area and the system requirements as indicated in the description.
  4. Select Free (for free content) or the price button (for paid content).
  5. If you're downloading paid content, enter your billing information and wait for the payment confirmation message.
  6. Wait for the progress to show that the download is complete.
To find your downloaded content, click the Library tab on your computer's Vive app.
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